Workshop “Food and wine pairing “ and Cultural Exhibitions Ticket

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The workshop

Dive into the heart of Burgundy wines with the 'Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne workshops.
During this workshop on wine and food pairing, learn the main principles of pairing; find the culinary harmony. The experience, illustrated by the association of 5 Burgundy wines with 5 appetizers, will lead you to realize that the diversity of Burgundy wines allows infinite agreements with all cuisines of the world!


45 minutes to an hour


Workshop illustrated by the commented tasting of 5 Burgundy wines accompanied by 5 bites of emblematic regional products.

Who can come?

This workshop is open to everyone, without any prior knowledge of the wine world and Burgundy wines. For safety reasons, children under 18 are not allowed.

The extras

A participative initiation; a 360° projection. Discover 5 different Burgundy appellations associated with 5 regional products. Dare to start from the wine to choose your pairing!


32€ / 60€ in duo* 10% discount on the 2nd participant


The appetizers tasted during this workshop include products containing: gluten, lactose, meat products (beef and pork). We have carefully selected each wine according to each specialty; no culinary substitution can be considered. Thank you for your confidence.

Because of the 360° projection and the duration of the workshops, we ask you to meet us 5 minutes before the starting time in front of the doors of the Vins de Bourgogne space in order to validate your tickets. Beyond this time, no change of date or refund can be offered.

This offer includes:

  • 360° Tasting Workshop at the Ecole des vins de Bourgogne.
  • Visit the "À la table des Français" exhibitions: 2 permanent exhibitions ("À table", "En cuisine") Check the opening hours for the exhibitions.
  • Explore the 1204 Interpretation Centre for Architecture and Heritage as well as the Chapel of the Climats and Terroirs and the Sainte-Croix de Jérusalem Chapel.
In brief
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