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Can you imagine that the restaurant, a familiar part of our daily environment, was born on the eve of the French Revolution, right in the heart of Paris?
Since then, the restaurant has multiplied, diversified and become increasingly popular. Bistrot, brasserie, pizzeria, roadside café, inn, bouillon, crêperie, guinguette or even Michelin-starred table - there isn't just one type of restaurant today, but a multitude of variations on the French model!

Et si on allait au resto? is a gourmet exhibition to be enjoyed in five courses: aperitif, starter, main course, cheese and dessert, for a theatrical immersion in the world of the restaurant in all its aspects: its forms, its history, its careers, its social role and the transformations at work.

Exhibition highlights :
- L'Atelier-restaurant, a lively, gourmet stop within the exhibition. Every day, you can learn a few simple gestures, discover culinary techniques or share best practices in the arts of the table. The daily menu is displayed on a slate at the exhibition entrance.
- An itinerary for young visitors. Throughout the exhibition, games, curiosities and riddles invite young visitors to explore different topics in a fun way.

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